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April 2023

In the dynamic world of entertainment and music, Alvin Lee stands as a maestro conducting an ensemble of ventures that span over 15 years. From his trailblazing Entertainment Company to owning The Leeboys, a band with roots dating back to 2001, and establishing a publishing company two decades ago, Alvin has crafted an impactful presence. His journey extends beyond the stage, delving into the realm of nonprofit work with the Sacred Music Tradition, a heartfelt initiative he founded in 2016. Not

We were lucky to catch up with Alvin Lee recently and have shared our conversation below. Alvin , appreciate you joining us today. Do you think your parents have had a meaningful impact on you and your journey? First, my parents was God fearing people and made sure that we all had a spiritual walk in our lives. My father was a ministers, barber and entrepreneur and my mom was a stay at home mom that took care of her kids. I had